How do you ensure no one is missed by life-saving health services?

You map where everyone lives and give health workers the tools to get there.


Reveal is an approved Global Good through Digital Square and is featured in the World Health Organization’s Digital Health Atlas.

Reveal supports decision makers and intervention managers by guiding and tracking delivery of in-field activities with precision and holding field teams accountable for action. Reveal uses smart maps and technology appropriate for low-resource settings to monitor coverage of interventions as they happen. Modeled on the mSpray and DiSARM tool, Reveal helps to optimize available resources and ensure no one is missed in the process.
“With the maps, we can target the structures that are eligible for the program. Now when you go to an area, you find that the number of structures indicated on the maps is exactly the number of structures there.”


Satellite imagery is enumerated to create maps for targeted intervention planning.


An in-field application uses maps and GPS to guide teams to service delivery areas.


Mid- and high-level administrators use tailored dashboards to monitor intervention progress in near real time.


Using these dashboards, administrators are able to course correct mid- based on field progress and obtain true coverage rates.



Failing to deliver important health interventions to all households means leaving families vulnerable to some of the world’s most threatening health concerns—like malaria and measles.

Reveal uses interactive maps that can be tailored to specific country settings. This customized technology can guide and monitor progress of field campaigns. With these maps and the data collection they facilitate, access to data for decision making is more transparent and improves coverage and optimization of resources.

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