Reveal Steering Committee

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide strategic input into Reveal’s scaling strategy, integrations, human capacity, and sustainability. It includes active representatives of the Reveal community, representatives of key Reveal partner organizations, and other domain expert advisors. The Steering Committee meets quarterly, but more often as required, with the aim to meet annually in person.

Heath Arensen

Heath is a digital strategy and innovation executive with 15+ years of international venture and startup experience spanning North America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. He currently serves as the Director of Digital Impact Alliance’s Open Source Center.

Dominic Atweam

Dominic Kwabena Atweam has 20 years of experience in health information systems (HIS) and e-health implementation. He currently works with the WHO Ghana Country Office as an HIS Expert providing technical support to the Ministry of Health, with particular focus on the universal health coverage roadmap’s HIS priorities.

Matt Berg

Matt has been an expert in ICT and international development for nearly two decades. He is the CEO and co-founder of Ona Systems, a social enterprise technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya and New York dedicated to developing open source solutions to promote the smarter use of data.

Elizabeth Chizema

Dr. Chizema is currently Zambia’s End Malaria Council Coordinator. She has had a long career in public health, previously serving as Director of the National Malaria Elimination Programme with the Ministry of Health, and working with the Zambia National Public Health Institute, Africa CDC, and National Health Research Authority of Zambia.

Anne Liu

Anne is a health technology implementation expert with the Clinton Health Access Initiative, specializing in scaling operations for early-mid stage programs. She has worked on digital solutions for disease surveillance, health education, community health worker management, and patient scheduling across a variety of health priorities—including the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak, global malaria elimination, maternal and childhood illnesses, and patient access to care.

Lisa Maki

Lisa is a serial entrepreneur currently leading Strategy for Microsoft’s Health Industry team. She previously co-founded and led health technology startups like PokitDok and BeliefNetworks and was co-founder of DokChain, a decentralized solution for secure health data exchange.

John Miller

John is a public health professional focused on improving health service delivery and decision making through the collection and analysis of quality information. He currently serves as the Senior Malaria Technical Advisor for the PATH MACEPA project.

Kate Wilson

Kate currently serves as the CEO of Digital Impact Alliance. She has committed the past 26 years to bringing diverse stakeholders together to find common ground in business, technology, and policy, holding leadership roles in both the corporate and non-profit sector in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Reveal Technical subCommittee

The Reveal Technical Subcommittee meets every other month, and is chaired by Akros. The subcommittee is responsible for focusing on the technical aspects of the Reveal Roadmap and providing regular updates to the Steering Committee in a structured fashion.

Pierre Dane

Pierre is currently the Senior Technology Consultant at Vital Wave. He brings 20 years of industry experience in software development and data science to the Reveal technical subcommittee.

Carl Fourie

Carl currently serves as the Deputy Director of Global Goods at PATH. He has over 10 years of experience in global health with a strong technical background, interest in capacity development, and a focus on low resource settings that range from clinician facing EMRs through to national health information exchanges.

Stefanus Heath

As a solutions-oriented, business technology operations engineer, with notable success in system design, implementation and administration on a global scale, Stefanus works with and designs solutions based on leading CICD technologies. He currently serves as the Development and Operations Engineer for Reveal at Akros.

Peter Lubell-Doughtie

Peter is a researcher and entrepreneur specializing in computer science and artificial intelligence, and is specifically interested in search, learning, and data mining for healthcare using research in information retrieval, machine learning, and natural language processing. He is the co-founder and CTO of Ona Systems.

Varshana Rajasekaran

Varshana is a Product Manager with Clinton Health Access Initiative specializing in products for community workers, district and central level users. She has nearly 10 years of experience in global health in building mobile apps, data analytics products and content management platforms.

Livashan Soobramoney

Livashan is a technologist who is passionate about solutions that will change our world. He has a wealth of experience in product strategy and product delivery, from cradle to grave. He has been the voice of the customer in multiple industries and verticals, most notably Fintech and Medtech. Livashan is currently the technical product manager of Reveal.

Steven Wanyee

Steven founded and serves as the CEO and Lead Digital Health Specialist at IntelliSOFT Consulting Limited. He has over 20 years experience across the digital health value chain from conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation of digital health solutions across Africa. He’s a key actor and contributor in various global health initiatives and communities.